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  • Shana Meyerson – enthusiastic yoga, sincerity and humor

    Shana Meyerson

    Yoga teacher from USA and our partner this year.

    She holds certifications from Sri Dharma Mittra and Mark Blanchard. Her daily practice ensures that she is always learning, growing, and evolving within her yoga. She is also the founder of mini yogis yoga for kids, for which she conducts teacher trainings around the world.

    Shana specializes in arm balances and inversions, focusing on  yoga-technics. Understanding the architecture of a pose and how to build it from the ground up. Everything in simple, easy-to-understand chunks and always with a light heart and a prominent sense of humor.

    For more information visit

    “Turns out that yoga was everything I ever needed: mind, body, spirit, intensity in a way I never got at the gym. From the first day I walked into class, I knew that this was it.”

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