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  • Morgan Palmer Hubbard & Malwina Ostrowska – “traditional yoga for the modern body”

    Morgan Palmer Hubbard & Malwina Ostrowska

    Morgan Palmer Hubbard & Malwina Ostrowska

    Morgan Palmer Hubbard

    Morgan came to yoga at 19 to help deal with a profound scoliosis that had progressed undiagnosed for some years and was starting to cause him considerable back pain. He eventually underwent major spinal fusion surgery that, while traumatic and involving a lengthy rehabilitation process. It gave him a new way in life and led him to developing a committed yoga practice and learning deeply about his own wellness and healing process.

    Morgan did an intensive teacher training program at the Sivananda ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, and then upon moving to Barcelona almost 7 years ago began teaching and doing further study to develop his practice, eventually helping found two studios, Yogaroom Barcelona and more recently Yoga Lab in the Ateneu del Raval.

    Now Morgan teaches a flowing, dynamic form of yoga practice very influenced by the work of a teacher called Simon Borg-Olivier and the Yoga Synergy school, which teaches “traditional yoga for the modern body” – a blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan yoga practices, and Western physiotherapy, aimed at making yoga practice safer and more effective for modern practitioners by recognizing that due to lifestyle and conditions.


    Malwina Ostrowska

    Malwina’s first experience of yoga practice was in Poland, in an Iyengar yoga class. Later she studied Graphic Design in Ireland and during the last year of the course she started practicing hatha-vinyasa yoga. The same year Malwina began practicing meditation and studying Buddhist philosophy with a curiosity to deepen her inner exploration.

    Malwina’s first contact with Barcelona was practicing vipassana in Dhamma Neru, where she found a healthy rhythm that brought her once again to yoga classes. Since then she has practiced with Angelo Cecchi (hatha-vinyasa & Iyengar) and Tiago Rocha (hatha-vinyasa & AcroYoga). Learning continues to be important to her and she completed her teacher training in hatha-vinyasa yoga in 2013.

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