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  • Excursion program at Marino Yoga Fest 2018!

    Dear friends! At the Marino Yoga Fest, except for daily yoga classes, you will find a rich excursion program! New impressions will make your holiday truly unforgettable!

    March 7, 2018

    Sightseeing tour to the wonderful city of Orihuela

    This small town has a very long history. There were mixed epochs and architectural styles. The ruins of an ancient castle and fortress walls, narrow streets with old houses, art nouveau blocks, beautiful churches and majestic cathedrals, palaces and museums are waiting for you.



    Among the most popular sights are the Bishop’s Palace and the Cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Santo Domingo Monastery, the churches of St. Jacob (Santiago) and St. Justa and Rufina, the palace of Count Pinoermoso, the Marquis de Rafal, the Rubalcava Palace, the Miguel Hernandez Center and much more.

    Transfer (round trip): 25 Euro *

    March 8, 2018

    Boat trip on the sailboat to the island of Tabarka

    You can present yourself an unforgettable boat trip on a sailboat to the island of Tabarka. You will certainly be imbued with the unique atmosphere of the island, its medieval architecture, rich history, white beaches and azure sea.

    Tabarca Island

    Tabarca Island

    The cost of a sea walk: 60 Euro per person.

    Transfer (round trip): 25 Euro *

    To register, fill out the form by the link:


    March 9, 2018

    A small trip to Alicante

    Organizers of Marino Yoga Fest invite all interested participants of the festival to a sightseeing tour of the most interesting and exciting places in Alicante.

    5 must-visit places:

    1. Fortress of Santa Barbara

    The fortress of Santa Barbara was founded in the era of the Moors, and later was rebuilt and many times. It is considered to be one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain. However, this object attracts tourists not only with its centuries-old history and beauty, but also with its location – 166 m above sea level. From this mountain opens a beautiful panoramic view.

    Santa Barbara - Alicante

    Santa Barbara

    2. The Basilica of Santa Maria

    The church impresses visitors with its Gothic architecture and is a true monument to the skill of the Middle Ages’ architects and builders. It was built in the 14th century, and later the facade was decorated with elements in the Baroque style. Noteworthy is the rich interior of the basilica.

    Santa Maria

    Santa Maria

    3. The City Council

    This beautiful building of the right rectangular shape is the creation of the architect Lorenzo Chapuli. High towers, a balustrade with a dome, decorative elements decorating the openings of windows and doors made the city council one of the city’s adornments. Inside the house is decorated with works of art and luxurious elements of the interior in the Baroque style, many paintings, statues, among which the golden figure of Jesus (author Salvador Dali).

    city council

    The City Council

    4. Monastery of El Monasterio de Santa Verónica de Santa Faz

    Christian pilgrims from all over the world come to Alicante to visit the monastery of St. Veronica and St. Lika. The purpose of their trip is a holy relic, a canvas with the Face of Jesus Christ, with which, according to legend, St. Veronica wiped sweat and blood from Jesus’ face. The monastery is built in the Renaissance style, but its ensemble includes an older fortress tower, dating from the beginning of the 16th century.


    Monastery of El Monasterio de Santa Verоnica de Santa Faz

    5. Explanada de Espana Boulevard

    To visit Alicante without making a promenade along the Boulevard Explanada de Espana is impossible. This is not just the main pedestrian street of the city. It is extraordinary! Its cover is a bizarre pattern of a million small marble mosaics that create an optical illusion. In addition, there are 4 rows of tall green palms, in the shade of which it is so pleasant to stroll under the hot Spanish sun.


    Explanada de Espana Boulevard

    Transfer (round trip): 25 € *


    March 10, 2018

    Flamenco Show in the town of Santa Pola

    Flamenco can easily be called one of the attractions of Spain.

    Do not go on a live flamenco show, being in Spain – the same as not to be in Spain.

    That is why, we offer festival participants to visit this inimitable action.

    We invite you to the Flamenco show in the town of Santa Pola, near Alicante.



    “Tablao Los Lunares” is the only place where the audience and the performers are at the same place, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and flamenco.

    The performance includes: music (toque), singing (cante) and dance (baile).

    Duration of presentation is about 1.5 hours.


    Flamenco + drink: 12 €

    Flamenco + dinner: 27 €

    Transfer (round trip): 25 € *


    March 11, 2018

    Introductory trip to Murcia

    Organizers of Marino Yoga Fest offer you an Introductory trip to Murcia so that you can enjoy all the beauty and unsurpassability of this paradise, managed to touch its exciting architecture.



    The central part of the city is dominated by baroque. You will be charmed by the beauty of Santa Maria Cathedral, the building of the City Hall, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Royal Casino, narrow streets, bridges, squares, fountains.

    Do you like museums? Here you can visit the fine art museums, the sculptor Francisco Salcillo, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Science and Water.

    Transfer (round trip): 25 € *


    March 12, 2018

    Barcelona is the pearl of Spain!

    Barcelona is truly a city in which it is impossible not to fall in love! Therefore, we invite the participants of Marino Yoga Fest to visit this pearl of Spain, the heart and the administrative center of Catalonia!

    Many of Barcelona’s recognizable attractions are the result of the architect Antonio Gaudi creation. Among them are the Sagrada Familia, the quaint form, the fairy-tale park of Güell, which reveals to the visitors a truly magical world.

    Саграда Фамилия

    Sagrada Familia

    You will never miss the famous houses of Gaudí Ballo and Casa Mila, passing along Passeig de Gràcia.

    In addition to Gaudí’s creativity, Barcelona may also boasts with a rich history and architecture of different styles. It is worth seeing the Gothic Quarter, the Plaza Catalunya with a cascade of fountains, the magical colorful fountains of Montjuic, the Aquarium, the Old Port, the Gothic-style Cathedral, the Picasso Museum.

    The wide pedestrian boulevard Las Rambla is the most crowded place. Life on this street never fades. It’s always fun, noisy and festive. Shops, theaters, street actors and souvenir sellers, tourists from all over the world.

    Las Ramblas

    Pedestrian boulevard Las Rambla

    The combination of magnificent historical monuments, delicious food, a special atmosphere of tranquility and a holiday will leave an indelible impressions about Barcelona.

    The cost of travel:

    Transfer to / from the airport of Alicante – 30 Euro

    Ticket for the plane – 90 Euro

    Bus excursion with a Russian-speaking guide in Barcelona (4 hours) – 30-40 Euro

    Bus tour with audio guide on the 2 routes to choose from with the ability to change the route during the day (the bus ticket is valid all day) – 27 Euro (adults), 15 Euro (for children).

    Walking tour in the old town with a Russian-speaking guide – 15-20 Euro (depending on the number of people in the group)

    * The transfer fee may vary.

    We can use the services of a transport company and rent a car for excursions or, if the participants of the festival will take cars for rent, then ride a rented car and share the costs.

    Taking into consideration the cost of transfers, it is more advantageous to rent a car and have complete freedom in movement.

    Variants of cars can be found on the site:

    But we recommend booking the car not through the rentalcars site, but on the site of the particular company whose car you chose, or directly at the airport.

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