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  • Ela Mare (Italy)

    Ela Mare is a spiritual master, who dedicates her life to share around the world the teachings of the Himalayan Yogic Tradition in a unique and powerful way.

    For the last 10 years, she has been guiding hundreds of people, students, seekers and teachers from all corners of the world and walks of life, into exploring and awakening their potential to live at the fullest life of freedom and joy.

    Her teachings come from the birthplace of Yoga, rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the ancient Masters of the Himalayas, where she teaches regularly as part of the YTTs trainers team at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, one of the most sacred towns in India.

    Originally from Italy, she started to travel around the world at very young age and founded Yogamare Retreats to share her knowledge through international retreats, workshops, private sessions, and events.

    Ela Mare teaches a wide range of techniques with a very holistic approach adapting these timeless practices to different needs,  from empowering women’s retreats, to mindfulness for corporate, breath work for free divers, luxury transformational retreats into the wild nature of Africa, and much more.

    Himalayan Yoga

    Ela Mare shares an integrated practice of Yoga, which has its roots in the timeless Vedantic and Tantric Traditions of the Himalayan Masters and it is one of the most comprehensive approaches to yoga in the world today.

    This practice incorporates all essential practices and teachings of yoga in a radically holistic and powerful way.

    The practice incorporates contemporary evolution in science and mind-body research.

    When joining a session / retreat / workshop with Ela Mare you will be exposed to the following teachings:

    • 72 principle poses of Hatha with their variations
    • Vinyasa Flows and principles of Cosmic Alignment
    • Powerful breath work techniques
    • Kundalini kriyas ( coming from the tantric tradition)
    • Naad Practices ( understanding and use of sound as a tool for transformation and healing, including the use of mantras and music)
    • Meditation (all different techniques of meditation with their different impact and purpose)
    • Tantric transformative practices
    • Chanting
    • Freedom movement and radical wisdom

    These practices are designed to awaken each practitioner to their True nature.

    They increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity.

    They help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility.

    This practice meets you where you are at.

    From the beginner to a seasoned practitioner it provides a complete and powerful pathway to Self Mastery and radically alive life.

    It is a practice of opening mind and heart to the brilliance of life.

    Workshop’s Ela Mare at the Marino Yoga Fest 2020:

    1. Emotional Detox. Negative emotions and toxic relationships can hold
      you captive.

      Join Ela Mare founder of Yogamare Retreats and meditation and yoga
      master trainer, in a truly transformative journey and learn how to
      transcend everything that is holding you back from living your life
      fully – anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, jealousy-  and move on
      from what is no longer relevant for your wellbeing and your evolution.
      Clear out from negativity and make room for bliss.

      2. Join  Ela Mare founder of Yogamare Retreats and meditation and yoga
      master trainer, for this special masterclass on Vitality and Balance,
      where she will be sharing specific techniques coming straight from the
      birthplace of yoga to clear and cleanse  body and mind and experience
      life at the fullest!

      3. Awakening ABUNDANCE. A meditative journey to connect with our
      capacity for Abundance and bliss. Learn specific techniques to open your
      heart to the infinite possibilities of life and become ready to manifest
      the life of your dreams.

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