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  • Egor Kulakovsky ( Ukraine)

    Egor Kulakovsky

    Yoga and yoga therapy teacher, rehabilitation therapist. He has been practising yoga since 2000. He started with traditional karate classes, where he mastered the first asanas and breathing exercises.

    He studied with various national and foreign yoga teachers: Mikhail Baranov, Ilya Zhuravlev, Mark Darby, Sergey Agapkin and Artem Frolov. During his first trips to India, he was trained by such masters as Dr Munusami Madawan (Karur, India), V. Sheshardi (Mysore, India).

    He continues to learn the world’s leading rehabilitation techniques and soft manual techniques (Mulligan) for patients with musculoskeletal problems. Certified yoga and fitness programs specialist,  practising yoga therapist and rehabilitologist. Presents training programs for employees of rehabilitation centres, teachers of yoga and fitness. Participant and speaker at the annual conference “Practical Yoga Therapy” (St. Petersburg).

    He is the author of an article about knee yoga therapy in the journal Wild Yogi. Teaches at major yoga festivals, such as: “Yoga Rainbow”, “Avatar Yoga – Fest”, “Carpathian Yoga Festival”. He regularly gives seminars about Hatha Yoga and therapeutic techniques in different cities in Ukraine and Russia. As well as moderates retreat with a complete immersion in yoga practice in India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and other countries. He is a co-founder of the Acro Yoga movement, as well as the Yoga Temple studio in Kharkiv.

    Workshops Egor Kulakovsky at Marino Yoga Fest 2020:

    1. “Biomechanics of Hatha Yoga classical asanas.” Theory.

    Here we will deal with:

    – basic concepts of musculoskeletal system structure and functioning.

    – motion of mobility and structural features of the joints.Acceptable, safe positions in asanas.

    – basics of safe practice of asanas.

    – methods of “deepening” in practice through understanding of biomechanics laws.


    1. “Biomechanics of classical asanas of Hatha Yoga.” Practice.

    Using the key postures of the first sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as an example, we will try to study and apply biomechanical principles in practice. This will give an understanding and vector of your further work with the body.


    1. “Yoga therapy for spine trouble and back pain.

    Review of pathologies and causes, methods for solving problems (or “Yoga therapy of the spine and back muscles”). Classical yoga asanas are designed to prepare a practicing one for a long and comfortable sitting with a flat back without feeling pain. The direction of “Yoga Therapy” gained the wisdom of antiquity. It has combined the latest developments in the field of medicine and kinesiology and adapted these techniques for the rehabilitation of people with problems in the spine and back muscles. This class is aimed at understanding the principles of the structure and functioning of the spinal column and the structures surrounding it. We will try to deal with the origin of certain problems and back pain. We will find out how to correct existing violations and alleviate the patient’s condition, as well as how to avoid the appearance of new troubles.

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