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  • Eddi Vento Ortenzi

    Eddi Vento Ortenzi

    The path Eddi have taken with yoga has an entirely mystic and spiritual background.

    For over 25 years, he has pooled independent exploration and experiences in various holistic disciplines, studied with more than 20 masters, all around the world.

    Training and living in Brazil, London, Poland and other European and South American nations, he studied Ashtanga Yoga and yoga philosophy alongside experiences with Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga.

    Vento is also certified in Thai massage and Ayurveda and has completed courses aimed at development of the self in the disciplines of South-American shamanism, hypnosis, Reiki, Mayan astrology, merkaba medita-tion, Kardecian spiritualism and rebirthing.

    After 25 years of comprehensive personal study, his passion is now channelled into yoga as a life practice.

    Eddi’s vision for the Yoga that he teaches is rooted in an approach that he developed around three years ago called “innerlock” or internal/external connection. This focuses on a subtle connection which allows us to bring together the body and the breath in a way that he sometimes describes as “energy conservation”.

    Eddi says: “It is my honour to be a disciple of my Guru Sri Shailendra Sharma and I now follow his teachings completely and exclusively. This has also inspired me to create new approaches to more contemporary yoga practice such as that of Ashtanga Yoga which I began 12 years ago.”

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