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  • Vitaliy Shakirov

    Vitaliy Shakirov (Ukraine) Vitaliy fantastically controls his body, although he is practicing yoga since 2010. He was engaged in various sports activities, as well as break dancing, capoeira. In his teaching he also pays great attention to the spiritual component of yoga – the moral set of yama and...

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  • Yuriy Sulyk

    Yuriy Sulyk is one of the most famous Ukrainian yoga masters of the “new wave”. Author of the “adaptive holistic YOGA” methodology and organizer of instructor courses under the same methodology. Founder of yoga school and yoga-center “Yoga IF School”. Co-organizer of the festival “Carpathian Yoga Fest” and other...

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  • Sergiy Chernov

    Sergiy Chernov (Belarus) Sergiy Chernov is a Belarussian master of yoga, founder and creative director of the Russian-language information resource SLAVYOGA, dedicated to the topical aspects of yoga review. He is also the author of the YouTube channel SLAVYOGA, the English-language YOGA PERCEPTION project, the creator of the modern...

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  • Spring in Spain – all about the rest in Spain, Murcia region, La Manga

    In Spain, the tourist season lasts all year round. In addition to beach-related rest, this large country is famous for its ski resorts, historical sights, original architecture, bright festivals, shopping, delicious cuisine. The south-east of Spain has a Mediterranean climate with 300 sunny days per year and an average...

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