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  • фото: Егор Кулаковский

    Egor Kulakovsky ( Ukraine)

    Egor Kulakovsky Yoga and yoga therapy teacher, rehabilitation therapist. He has been practising yoga since 2000. He started with traditional karate classes, where he mastered the first asanas and breathing exercises. He studied with various national and foreign yoga teachers: Mikhail Baranov, Ilya Zhuravlev, Mark Darby, Sergey Agapkin and...

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  • фото: Илья Журавлев

    Ilya Zhuravlev (Russia)

    Ilya Zhuravlev Leading teacher and co-founder of the «Yoga 108 Center», who has been practicing yog since 1995 and has been teaching yoga since 1999, he was studying with top yoga masters of India (in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, Dhirendra Brahmachari, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois and others)...

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  • фото: Ela Mare

    Ela Mare (Italy)

    Ela Mare is a spiritual master, who dedicates her life to share around the world the teachings of the Himalayan Yogic Tradition in a unique and powerful way. For the last 10 years, she has been guiding hundreds of people, students, seekers and teachers from all corners of the...

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  • фото: Alejandro Baeza

    Alejandro Baeza (Spain)

    Alejandro Baeza Disciple of Mahayogi Thakur Sri Sri Janakinath Brahmachari of Kolkata, whom invested him as “Yogacharya”  (Yoga Master) in 2015 . Student of the International Master Yogiraj Tonmoy Shome. International professor and Yoga therapist of the Loknath method. Teacher of the Formations of Teachers of Traditional Yoga Method...

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  • Angela Santosa

    Angela Selivanova Santosa has studied yoga since 2005. She certified as a Vinyasa yoga teacher with Paul Dallaghan and for the last 7 years has continued to study and practice in India with legendary R.Sharath Jois, Vinay Kumar and Ajay Kumar. Angela teaches Vinyasa yoga to students of all...

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  • Eddi Vento Ortenzi

    Eddi Vento Ortenzi The path Eddi have taken with yoga has an entirely mystic and spiritual background. For over 25 years, he has pooled independent exploration and experiences in various holistic disciplines, studied with more than 20 masters, all around the world. Training and living in Brazil, London, Poland...

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  • Alexey Sokolovsky

    Alexey Sokolovsky He is a leading author of yoga tours and a yoga teacher who has been practicing since 2000. Alexey specializes in the style of “Satyananda Yoga” (Bihar yoga school). It is a soft and versatile style. Asanas are held in static here; important consistency of the pose...

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  • Malwina Ostrowska & Morgan Palmer Hubbard

    Morgan Palmer Hubbard & Malwina Ostrowska – “traditional yoga for the modern body”

    Morgan Palmer Hubbard Morgan came to yoga at 19 to help deal with a profound scoliosis that had progressed undiagnosed for some years and was starting to cause him considerable back pain. He eventually underwent major spinal fusion surgery that, while traumatic and involving a lengthy rehabilitation process. It...

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  • Special Offer “Sea + Mountains”: get a free ticket to the Carpathian Yoga Fest 2018 as a Gift!

    Do you still think what to choose: yoga at sea in Spain on the Marino Yoga Fest or, nevertheless, yoga in the Carpathian Mountains on the Carpathian Yoga Fest? We have great news for you! When buying a package on Marino Yoga Fest – you get a ticket to...

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  • Барселона

    Excursion program at Marino Yoga Fest 2018!

    Dear friends! At the Marino Yoga Fest, except for daily yoga classes, you will find a rich excursion program! New impressions will make your holiday truly unforgettable! March 7, 2018 Sightseeing tour to the wonderful city of Orihuela This small town has a very long history. There were mixed...

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