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  • Alexey Sokolovsky

    Alexey Sokolovsky

    He is a leading author of yoga tours and a yoga teacher who has been practicing since 2000.

    Alexey specializes in the style of “Satyananda Yoga” (Bihar yoga school). It is a soft and versatile style. Asanas are held in static here; important consistency of the pose and concentration of attention. A lot of time is devoted to breathing exercises (pranayamas) and meditations.

    He studied all the books of S. Satyananda on this style, practiced the style for more than 15 years and traveled to South India to the certification center of this school (Neyyardam).

    From 2005 to 2007 he has studied in India, has passed a teaching course on advanced practices of Hatha Yoga (RYT150 in PIYF, Rishikesh), and before and after that he has studied with several Masters of Yoga in Russia.

    Alexey Sokolovsky has traveled 2 years in India, studying the traditions of yoga, looking for teachers. He has met yogis who read thoughts, stop the heart, dig in the sand, live in the jungle for 35 years, meditate for three days… In 2014 in Thailand has got the first Samadhi experience.

    He has taught yoga classes 2-3 times a day from 2007 to 2013 in Moscow. He has spent at least a thousand hours of yoga: group, private classes and thematic seminars.

    Alexey Sokolovsky is also a “Yoga Journalist”: since 2012 he has written more than 350 articles on the practice of yoga and a healthy lifestyle, incl. for the blog “Hanuman”, sites “Secrets of Yoga”, “Yoga Journal”. Permanent correspondent of the printed and online magazine “Vegetarian”.

    Since 2012, Alexey has conducted 17 foreign yoga seminars (India, Nepal, Tibet), which was attended by 142 people from 6 countries (including Ukraine, Belarus, USA, EU, Thailand). Most often, these were yoga-trekkings: when walking on foot in mountains at an altitude of 2000 m is combined with yoga.
    Since 2013, Alexey Sokolovsky constantly is living in Nepal and is teaching yoga only in the format of visiting seminars.

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