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  • Alejandro Baeza (Spain)

    Alejandro Baeza

    Disciple of Mahayogi Thakur Sri Sri Janakinath Brahmachari of Kolkata, whom invested him as “Yogacharya”  (Yoga Master) in 2015 .
    Student of the International Master Yogiraj Tonmoy Shome.
    International professor and Yoga therapist of the Loknath method.
    Teacher of the Formations of Teachers of Traditional Yoga Method Loknath Yoga realized in Chile and India.
    Certification E-RYT® 500 (Experienced Professor) and YACEP® (Continuing Education Provider) under the Yoga Alliance standards.
    Has traveled extensively through Chile and various places in South America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India, sharing classes, workshops, interviews, television spaces and Traditional Yoga ceremonies, being the Loknath method professor formed in the West with more experience worldwide.

    After a very serious health incident, he began a demanding process of musculomotor and neurological rehabilitation, with an amazing recovery unparalleled in the Yoga environment, which has allowed him to re-teach classes and courses normally.
    Some Milestones:

    – First Chilean scholarshiped by the Government of India (ITEC) participating in an International Training of Yoga Instructors (University of Yoga S-VYASA).
    – First Spanish speaker to share Yoga in favela “Vila do mar” of Fortaleza Ceará (Brazil).
    – First Spanish speaker to share Yoga at the CRP War Refugee Center in Amman (Jordan).
    – First Spanish speaker to share Yoga for children at Ubeidiyeh Community Center (Palestine).
    – First American to share Yoga at February Fitness Festival in León (Spain).
    Jay Baba Mangalakari Loknath Brahmachari !!
    Jay Baba Mangalakari Janakinath Brahmachari !!

    Workshops Alejandro Baeza at Marino Yoga Fest 2020:

    Class 01: “Traditional Loknath Yoga Method Class”

    Loknath Yoga is a traditional way of Yoga practices to achieve the maximum benefit of this Indian ancient system. It is based on “Aṣṭāṅga Yoga ” (eight limbs) according to the first written description that was found in ‘yoga sutra,’ attributed to the great Rishi Patanjali In this class we’ll emphasizes proper Yogic breathing (Pranayama), a gentle approach of Yoga posture (Asana), Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas with concentration techniques. In this system, rest has to be taken after performing each posture through the proper way of relaxation to achieve the maximum benefit from Yoga practice.

    Class 02: “Core: power from within”

    In this class we will perform a practice that will be aimed at strengthening the torso area based on Traditional Yoga techniques and then perform asanas that require control of this body section. Topics to review: – Importance of breathing in practice. – Adequate physical warm up for a safe practice. – Postures and their contrapostures. – Appropriate adjustments, facilitation and intensifications. – Adequate relaxation after the asana.

    Class 03: “Prāṇāyāma: power in your breathing”

    In this class we will focus on the practice of some of the Prāṇāyāmas belonging to the Ashta Kumbhakas or “Eight breath retentions” in order to control the flow of the breath in function of our Yoga practice Topics to review:

    – Initial concentration.

    – Activation of breathing.

    – Adequate physical warmth for a safe practice.

    – Prāṇāyāmas series

    – Adequate relaxation after practice.

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